Dr. Scott Harder

Doctor of Chiropractic since 1991

Acupuncturist since 1995

Born and raised in Saskatoon. Attended undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan prior to going to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Returned to Saskatoon and began practice in 1991. Established Harder's Family Wellness Centre in 2000.

Member of Chiropractors' Association of Saskatchewan (CAS) since 1991

CAS Registrar 2003-2007
CAS Vice-President 2007-2010
CAS Board of Directors 2003-2012
Member of Canadian Chiropractic Association since 1991
Member of the Saskatchewan Acupuncture Association since 1995

Member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada 2020

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique 2005
Completed courses in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 2008.
SK Spine Care Pathway 2011
CAS Bylaws and Regulations Committee 2003-2022
CAS Parlimentarian 2016-present
CAS-WCB WorkSafe Speaker 2019-present

I evaluate everyone with functional neurological testing as part of a thorough chiropractic examination and utilizes a number of adjusting techniques, from "hands-on" traditional to modern instrument adjusting tools, depending on a persons past experiences and personal preferences.

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Stephanie Wiedman, CCH, BN, RN

Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I have always been passionate about helping people find relief from their pain and begin the journey of healing. As a nurse with a career spanning over 15 years, I've seen the limitations of the current allopathic model of care which has fueled my desire to be able to do more.

My curiosity and motivation to research, caused me to look for ways to enhance my own growth and learn how to help others achieve healing in a deeper, more profound, lasting way. Hypnotherapy provides a very unique tool to assist in recovery and healing that utilizes a client’s own awareness and ability.

This led me to become a certified hypnotherapist with Hypno Heather, through the ICBCH (International Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists) to become equipped with the tools to reconnect people to their capacity to heal and work to resolve the root cause instead of only treating their symptoms. 

Now that I know what is possible with hypnosis, I want to spread the word far and wide and help everyone I can!

Most people have suffered some sort of trauma within their lifetimes, and the events over the last two years have highlighted an increased need for mental health awareness and care. My interest in regression therapy and a solid background in nursing has equipped me to provide professional assistance for recovery and healing from trauma and various mental health issues.  

I wholeheartedly believe that every single person has within themselves what they need to heal and my job is to help them tap into that potential so that they can experience the freedom and inner peace that comes with feeling better from the inside-out. 

For an appointment go to: http://www.dimensionalhypnosis.ca/



Michelle Spray

Orthomolecular Practitioner

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Michelle has always been passionate about health and how what we put in our bodies affects our health. She is trained in a number of modalities and has created a unique way of assessing and supporting her patients through their health journeys.

Michelle provides individual health counselling to help her clients improve their overall health or work on specific health challenges. After a complete analysis including a facial analysis and body scan using applied Kinesiology, Michelle works with each client to develop a comprehensive plan that is catered to their individual needs. This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to optimizing their health. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with these great tools and techniques.

Make appointments at: http://www.michellespray.ca


Alma Mendez, BSW, RSW


Hello, my name is Alma Mendez. The way things have been going for many Canadians the past two to three years has really impacted all of us in various different ways. Having worked in the health care system for a number of years, I am able to understand the various dynamics that become visible when we are struggling medically. I believe that our physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health are equally important. Those hardships, and stresses we face in life, such as financial burdens, grief, loss, isolation, family dynamics and medical circumstances to name a few, can bring us to a place where we might struggle to find the answers or ways in which to cope.

The expertise that I bring comes from lived experience, work history and formal training. My background consists of Policing education through Saskatchewan Polytechnic followed by my Bachelor of Social Work degree through the University of Regina and am currently a Master Social Work Candidate. My work experience is quite diverse and so for the past 10 years I have worked within the justice system and health care system in roles pertaining to forensic social work, medical social work, and mental health and addictions services. I offer services to adults, older adults, families, and groups.

My counselling approaches include anti-oppressive, anti-racist, trauma informed with strengths based and solution focused. I also integrate aspects of other approaches into my practice when it fits into the goals set by the client. I believe that the answers we seek are within us. I would like to help you find your path to your healing and overall wellness. I invite you to get in touch with me at A.I.M.S. Counselling Service. You can call 306-612-0597 (leave a voicemail with your name, telephone number and what you are calling about) OR you can email me at almamendez31@icloud.com or;

Arrange an appointment at: https://aimscounsellingservice.ca/


Angie Howlett, RSW, Q.Med

Conflict counselor / Mediator

I am Angie Howlett - Conflict Counselor  
I have been supporting individuals on their mental health journey since 2016. 
Working in community mental health, I found that the most effective treatment to generalized anxiety is identifying the issues that individuals face and focusing on the solutions rather than the problem. 

I am a registered social worker and a qualified mediatior.
Using a strengths based lens, I offer solution-focused counseling, conflict coaching and mediation. 
The focus areas of my mediation practice include community issues/restorative justice, elder and estate matters, family mediation, landlord tenant issues not covered under the office of residential tenancies, marriage and relationship mediation, and victim-offender mediation.
Conflict can be a major source of anxiety and distress. I believe that conflict resolution belongs in a person's mental health and self-care regimen. To that end, I also believe that conflict resolution should be accessible. This is why I:
- offer both counseling/coaching and mediation sessions outside regular business hours,
- Bill all sessions as counseling so that you can claim your session through extended health benefits plans that recognize social work services,
- offer sliding scale fees for lower-income clients who do not have extended health benefits coverage. 
I look forward to supporting you by facilitating empowerment through self-determination, capacity building and increased communication for stronger, healthier relationships. 

Make an appointment at http://theconflictcounselor.com

or call 306-260-9464


Lacey Nedjelski

Integrative pelvic care

Integrative pelvic health is something I am very passionate about. I’ve been so fortunate to witness deep healing and transformation when a body is allowed to unravel and be witnessed in a way that feels good to them.
There’s a lot of stigma still when it comes to women’s health and hands on/in work. Our sessions are led by you and where you allow yourself to go. I am a witness for this transformation, using the tools I have to help bring your body into alignment.
I have had many women reach out to me and ask what different things this approach can help with. It’s magical ✨ It’s beneficial for any woman that has painful periods, irregular periods, peri/menopausal, pelvic or lower back pain, digestive issues, constipation, bladder or fecal incontinence, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, polyps, fibroids, vulvodynia, vaginismus, inability to have an orgasm, painful or uncomfortable sex,  lack of libido, scar tissue, milias, superficial fascia, chronic UTI or BV, any sort of prolapse issue (bladder, rectal, cervical, vaginal wall) pudendal neuralgia, abnormal paps or LEEP procedures, uterus and cervical station, body pain etc. and so much more.
Together, we can help to bring your body into a space where you feel secure and confident in your own body. As a society, we are conditioned to be disconnected from our bodies and the experiences we have in life. To just keep moving forward. The truth is, our body holds on to everything and stores it until we give it an opportunity to be seen and heard.
Sometimes, the process can be emotionally painful, sometimes even physically uncomfortable. There is often emotional release that happens during or after as you integrate this new way of being in your body. This is normal and this means that profound healing has taken place.
I am so thrilled to be able to offer this for our community. If this feels like a full body yes to you and you think you could benefit from us working together - shoot me a message. Take charge of your body and your healing ✨♥️
To book an appointment please phone or text (306)831-5309 or email laceynedjelski@hotmail.com