Harder’s Family Wellness Centre         

Dr. Scott A. Harder DC


The Cold Sock Treatment - An excellent way to help your body fight an illness / flu.

Materials needed: 1 pair 100% cotton socks (preferably without elastic)

                            1 pair 100% wool socks

1. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of the hottest water you can tolerate submerging your feet into.

2. Put the cotton socks in very cold tap water.

3. Sit on the side of the tub & keep your feet in the water until they turn rosy pink.

4. Squeeze the cold socks just until they stop dripping.

5. Put the cold wet cotton socks on as soon as you take your feet out of the hot water.

6. Put the dry wool socks on over the cotton socks immediately.

7. Get into a horizontal position right away: take a nap, go to bed for the night, or stretch out on the couch.

The process is complete when the cotton socks are dry.

This causes a lymphatic flush that stimulates the immune system.  It is extremely effective with respiratory conditions like colds, coughs & sore throats.  We have had great success with decreasing a fever & combating flu symptoms with this treatment as well.

*You will know you got the temperatures right if you feel a pulse in your feet as soon as you lay down.